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See our related article: Looking for Mr. GoodInk - How to find the PR Advisor that is Right for Your Company for guidance in identifying and selecting a public relations advisor or firm.

How can you help us?

We help you make an informed decision - we probe for, and effectively diagnose, what you need to get the job done - one of the comments we hear most frequently is: "No one ever asked me that question before". Think of us as a highly-experienced professional who is available on an as-needed basis.

Why would I want this?

If the amount at stake or the effort involved is anything more than trivial - our advisories help you avoid obvious missteps. We also add another perspective to evaluating your situation. If the effort you are looking at is not right for you (for whatever reason) - we'll tell you that - if it needs more work or the strategy needs to be evolved - we'll tell you that, too. If you're on-target - we can determine that pretty quickly. It's no different than having lawyer (or other professional) advise you in matters where you don't want either surprises or disappointments - due to unfamiliarity with the terrain.

What would I get?

Depending on your requests - it could be as straightforward as telephone advisories though to a detailed, executable blueprint. These can be provided stepwise (one at a time) or in a package - it's entirely up to you.

Is this a come-on?

Our consulting advisories are not precursors to pitching you - in our consulting advisories we prefer to remain on-call advisors rather than to get involved in day-to-day execution - although we know the capabilities and process required for that execution to be successful. We've done it before.

Do you get involved in hiring?

Only to the extent of determining if the capabilities are what they are represented to be, and if we think the candidate's experience and approach will get you the results you want. Most recruiters really can't do that (they haven't actually done the marketing or public relations taks - just ask them) - they assume the resume is accurate and depend on references for validation, and primarily look for the personality ‘fit' with the organization - which is important, but only one aspect of the candidate's success. We don't do the actual search or recruiting (there are others who can help you with that) - but can help you assess the skill set you will need and the capabilities of the short-list candidates that cross your transom. By the way - the cost of a hiring mistake is estimated at one-and-a-half the annual salary.

What are some typical problems or challenges?

If these are some of the issues you face - and you want to make an informed decision - we have two decades of experience and credentials that can support you in that process. Call or email us and we'll discuss your situation - and put some ideas on the table. Where we go from there is a mutual decision.

© 2004, Jeffrey Geibel, All Rights Reserved

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