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How to find good instruction (and good instructors)

Few articles provide guidance to potential students in identifying good instructors so that their learning experience is rewarding, challenging and enjoyable. Some instructional experiences, by definition, are not and never will be (the military comes to mind.) But for most of the instructional experiences you will experience you'll usually choose the instructor. Here's some practical tips for finding the best instruction.

High-Tech Entrepreneur = Pilot

Forget the Rolex, the Lamborghini, the 100,000 square-foot 'trophy house'. Want to show everyone you've arrived? Get a pilot's license.(Web site version.)

How to Get the Most from Your Dual Instruction

Originally written for pilots, this will give you a good idea of the instructor's perspective on what it takes to be a good flight student. With explanatory notes for the non-pilot.

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2012, Jeffrey Geibel, All Rights Reserved

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