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Creating Customers
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Clayton Cristensen, in his book The Innovator's Solution, found that the most successful "disruptive" (meaning new markets, products or services) companies studied the "job" that customers where attempting to get done, and then provided new or restructured services or products that made it easier for them to get that "job" done. This competitive activity was often done right under the noses of established vendors.

In a similar fashion, we diagnostically evaluate your successful sales (the "job" that your customers are trying to get done when they buy from you) and then extract and develop your best sales messaging that will help them get that "job" done faster and easier - in other words - to become your customers.

We help extract your sales messaging and then embed that messaging in all aspects of your 'go-to-market' communications.

Our sales messaging, marketing consulting and programs are effective because we focus on developing programs and content that address these fundamental sales questions:

Who are you selling against?

Who are you selling to?

Why are they buying?

Our classic article -
The Sales AutopsySM Provides a methodology to answer the question: what are your customers telling you in a successful sale? Find out with the Sales AutopsySM - a step-by-step diagnostic for your successful sales.

When you have the answers to these questions - and understand your customers' experiences as they buy from you in a competitive marketplace, your competitive message can be embedded into your Sales and Marketing Public Relations program - and targeted to your best prospects! Click on the link to go to our article to see how Sales and Marketing Public Relations helps your sales force get better prospects and greater productivity!

Our sales messaging diagnostics, methodology and related public relations and marketing programs are developed along the same principles as are process-based selling systems, such as CustomerCentric SellingTM and Solution Selling®.

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We have had two articles published in the CustomerCentric SellingTM News;

The true test of messaging is effectiveness and brevity. If your sales PR program is 'caught between floors', then here are some tips on how to keep the 'elevator' going up with - right to the customer's executive suite with 60-Second Elevator PR This article can help you eliminate the excess verbiage and tighten the focus of your sales PR program.

See Our Interview in the article The Right Image in Selling Power

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A service that we have found helps our clients pinpoint and act on key marketing issues and trends is our executive interviewing - focusing on the top executives with your customers and potential customers' companies. We help you design the objectives of this research (which we perform ourselves - no subcontractors), and add our insights and commentary to the findings - which can include both the strategy and go-to-market sales and marketing program execution. Call or email our principal for more details on executive interviewing services.

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